Our makerspace

In our makerspace, I can build things, and help to build things, that would otherwise be impossible for me. There are people who have skills and knowledge I do not have. Without the makerspace, I would probably never meet them. There are machines and tools I do not own, and am never likely to own. They are all there for me to share, in one place, close by.

I can learn from others, and share the knowledge and skills I do have. It’s a place to meet people who enjoy doing things I like doing, and to see their amazing work and creations.

Although the space is not for commercial use, there will be ample opportunity for members to develop ideas and abilities together. That could stimulate new businesses or strengthen existing ones. I’d like to see it happen.

Our makerspace is not just about making new things. It’s also about reusing and repairing. Working alongside Wastesavers makes us able to do those things easier and better. I like giving things new life.

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