Welcome to Newport Makerspace

Create, Repair, Share

An exciting new makerspace is now open in Newport. We have three rooms packed with the tools and equipment you need to create new things, repair things that are broken, to share your skills and to learn from others. 

Our extensive range of tools, will cater for many of the “traditional” crafts. We want to encourage our members to think creatively and utilise the equipment and facilities to be found at Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd, to design, create or repair the things that interest them and the things that might inspire others.

Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd is a thoughtfully designed amenity with wheelchair access and a number of height adjustable work surfaces. A portable induction loop amplifier is available for use.

Get Involved

Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd is a community run workshop located in Maindee. Our members are engineers, artists, tinkerers, hobbyists – anyone with a flair or desire to be creative.

Come and see the equipment and learn about the things you can make and repair. Opening hours are currently restricted. Please contact us before travelling. See Facebook for details.

If you just want to make things, learn from others and be part of an active and friendly community group then why not join one of our Makers’ Night virtual events held online using Zoom. Click on the facebook link at the top of the page for more details or send us an email

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Covid 19 Notice

We will adhere to social distancing guidelines and mask wearing as set by the Welsh Government. This will keep our members and the local community safe in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What's Happening?

Every Tuesday at 6.30pm Makers Night, either join us at the Makerspace or join via Zoom. Click Facebook icon at the end of the menu or send us an email. NB Please contact someone to confirm the Makerspace is open before travelling. See Facebook for details.

November 20th 11am -3pm  Our first open day to demonstrate the facilities that are available for members to use.

Autumn 2021 We got the keys so we could start to equip our makerspace. Start publicity to attract people to our makerspace (“build it and they will come”)

May 2021 Site visit to see how things are progressing and finalise smaller details.

April 2021 Equipment ordered. Sort out the final details of the room layout to allow the contractors to start building.

February 2021 Grant money approved. Lots of hard work to decide what equipment we put in which room, where we get it from and exactly where will it sit in our plan.

Make Things, Make Friends, Make a Difference