First Open Day

Our first open day is this coming Saturday 20th November. The doors will be open from 11am to 3pm so please come along and see for yourself the result of all our hard work. We hope to make open days a regular occurrence to make as many people aware of the Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd facilities and to encourage them to learn new skills. 

You can arrive at the Reuse Shop which is located at the old Co-op / Summerfield store on Chepstow Road, staff in the shop will direct you upstairs. Look out for the signs! 

There has been lots of hard work behind the scenes to get Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd up and running. The list of jobs has seemed endless at times, but with perseverance from some very dedicated enthusiastic trustees and helpers, the space is now ready to be explored by prospective members.

Amongst the challenges along the way have been

  • applying for grant money
  • deciding what tools and equipment to buy
  • choosing the best equipment models and deciding where to buy them from
  • deciding on a layout for each room
  • receiving and moving the tools as they arrive (some have required heaving lifting equipment!)
  • assembling and commissioning the equipment (still ongoing)
  • making storage space
  • disposing of all the packaging in an environmentally friendly way
  • and of course the general behind the scenes magic (admin) that is needed to launch a venture like this

Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd soon to be open on a regular basis for members to work on their projects and share their skills and knowledge. Please come along to the open day to find out more.